Device map and Map Share update

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Hi everyone,
I don't understand why on Route Planner I see maps with roads near me that have been updated (reported and accepted change log by MapShare), and on my Rider 450 I don't see these updates, although the update of MapShare has been downloaded from My Drive Connect into to my device.
Can anyone tell me why?

What is the point of installing MapShare updates on the device if they don't contain the changes you see on online maps?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Dausto

    They will appear not the main map eventually. They do seem to take a long time to catch up.

  • JoseluisDM1976
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    Hello, very good. I asked a very similar question.
    And the answer was that updates can take between 6 and 9 months. Taking into account quarterly corrections.

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  • PopT51
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    08-16-2020, My map is showing the portion of George Richey Road going east from SH 300 and stops at east corner of Springhill High School. From that point east to McCann Road is shown as an unnamed road. This correction was reported on 01-04-2014 and was approved on 01. Assigned speed limit is 50 mph. I requested this change back on my old TomTom XL350 and it showed up corrected on its maps. On my new TomTom GO 520, It shows it as an unnamed road. Please update this correction. Added note: this map section shows up on the map shown on MapShare but doesn't show up on my GO 520 device. (Coordinates 32.56719 , -94.80333).