Extra Mount for 550?

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I have a Rider 550 and would like to purchase a second mount for a second motorcycle. I've seen some mention here that the 400 series mounts "are the same" as the 550 mount. Yet the 400 mounts seem to have four contacts, while the 550 mount has two. I cannot find an additional 550 mount listed on the TomTom website for purchase, and the 400 series mount does NOT list the 550 as a compatible model. Can someone confirm that either they are truly compatible (like you've done this and know that it actually is compatible), or not? If not, are 550 mounts available?


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    Hi @WhiskynWood

    Does this help.


    There is a link to check the compatible models.

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    Maybe - the top photo shows a mount with two electrical contacts, but the photo below of "what's included" shows one with four contacts. Then, the 550 is not listed as a compatible model. Perhaps this is all brain freeze on the part of TomTom, but it does not inspire me to send them $80 for a mount that is not described as compatible. I can find no way to address this question directly to TomTom (such as a customer service email address).
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    The Rider 400 mount is the same as the Rider 550 mount and has two contact pins. (GND and +5V) Yes on old pictures you can see a four pin version but i never seen a real four pin version.

    The only difference is the color of the ring, this is gray for the 400, Dark gray for the 450 and almost black for the 550.

    Before my Rider 550 I owned a Rider 410. I even used the 550 on de 410 mount for some time.