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maps update are wrong


I could not see where I can contact you regarding your maps issues, so I just write here

I have this Trucker 620.

With a recent update, you have managed to ruin the usability of the navigation system. 

Example: crossing the border between US and Canada you have made them not suitable for a truck!!!!! Let's say Pembina, ND to Emerson, MB. That is a crossing place with no restrictions.  Well, cars do not cross now due to COVID 19. ONLY TRUCK ARE CROSSING. That is what you have ruined: showing "not suitable for my vehicle "

I have not changed the settings at all, I am using TomTom for trucks since the beginning, in Europe ( so, I know how to use it).

Simply, with the update, the routing has become an idiotic guidance.

Also the live traffic informations are terrible.  Example: today 04 Aug 2020:  US highway 281 in Texas, you say it's closed at some point. It is not. There is a checkpoint.  NOT CLOSED. It has not been ever closed. We must drive by there. 

Seriously! Are you asking me to smash this annoying TomTom 620 and buy a Garmin or Rand McNally?

I am an influence to over 2000 truckers in a large company.  I don't think TomTom can be my recommendation for a gps system as of now...




  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,712
    Hi @zoomtransltd

    This is a customer based forum where users try to help other users and not a direct contact to Tomtom Customer Support.

    The Tomtom Mapshare Reporter facility is the prescribed avenue for map issues maybe if you use that facility you can report these issues to them.

  • zoomtransltdzoomtransltd Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
  • zoomtransltdzoomtransltd Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I click on the link: " That page could not be found!"....
  • zoomtransltdzoomtransltd Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I used to find a way to contact TomTom somehow. That does not apply now... It looks like they hide from the custumers. My 620 trucker started acting like crazy. Guess what?! Just out of warranty..
    Maps are a mess, useless misleading navigation.
    Is TomTom purchased by Garmin?
    That is how it looks like. Someone is trying to ruin them. Unless they are totally useless in there..
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,712
    Hi @zoomtransltd

    My apologise for the link. Do a search for Tomtom Mapshare Reporter.

    You need to contact to Customer Support about the issue.

    Tap Contact Us under Support at the bottom of this page

    Sign into page top right then Tap Red Contact Us

    Help box appears just Tap Contact Us at the bottom of it

    Chat/email box appears. Try Chat. It is very busy but you should eventually get a connection

    There are no phone lines as many are working from Home.

    Not taken over by Garmin thank goodness my Garmin used to direct me through Shopping Car Park now it doesn’t but sends me 5
    Miles for a 2 mile journey.

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