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New things they need to fix from my perspective

walkerxwalkerx Posts: 324 [Supreme Navigator]
After using the app for a couple of days the following need to be fixed.

1) Routing, constantly taking back roads to places. In Bakewell today it even wanted to a) first drive over a pedestrian bridge b) drive through a carpark to get to main road when it was about 10 yards in front
2) Blue Banner needs to be reduced
3) Black Banner when reached destination needs to timeout instead of staying on screen (you might have to carry on as ,ocation is wrong in TomTom)
4) If continue to drive after reaching destination it stays on screen layout you were using while driving.
5) Enable voice search, etc


  • walkerxwalkerx Posts: 324 [Supreme Navigator]
    If they can't reduce the boxes for directions how about the background so at least can see the map behind it, like the side bar and speed/road box
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