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Go 520: what’s the meaning “unable to connected” ?

When I connected my iPhone to the Go 520 (WiFi device) via Bluetooth, it shows the Hand-free calls is connected.
But it also shows :-1:
1) Data for traffic & other services - Unable to connect
2) smartphone messages- unable to connect

What’s does these “unable to connect “ mean?wvfpc0xamp80.jpeg

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 5,569
    Hi @Winston818

    If the GO520 is connected to Wifi then it will not connect option 2 for data which is Traffic as it will always use the Wfii connection for that when it is available. You need to be out of WIFI Range to check if it is still not connecting. Also you need data enabled on the Phone .

    Regarding Option 3 the messaging. You need to have the My Drive App open and working .

    Since iOS 13 has been released then messaging is basically not available as Apple appears to have made a security change in the software which stops the My Drive App working as it should. It appears that a simple change to the App is not an option for Tomtom. . The current best way to link is to:-

    Delete current Bluetooth pairings on the phone and the GO520 turn both Off and On again. Now re-pair the unit but this time do not open My Drive on the Phone. Instead turn on Bluetooth and also Personal Hotspot on the phone then pair in the normal way with the GO 520. You will get the usual pairing numbers but you will not be asked fo the Personal Hotspot password. Now whenever you want to connect your phone to the GO520 have both Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot set to On.

    You are unlikely to get the messaging to connect and work and if you do it will not maintain the facility.

  • Winston818Winston818 Posts: 21 [Master Explorer]
    Hi Doug,
    Also you need data enabled on the Phone.
    How to do this on iphone?


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