the display of my rider 450 is foggy

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what i can do ?


  • rider1rider
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    placing a warm cloth should absorb the condensation on the screen.
  • RoadRider
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    Do not forget to open the USB and Micro SD lid to tet the moisture escape when you dry a Rider. Dry rice is also a good way to dry your Rider. Cover the open flaps with e.g. paper towel

    Check the black edge around the screen for signs of leaks. Maybe the sealing needs to be repaired.
  • Goferbikesagain
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    Happened to me twice on my 400. I complained direct to TomTom in the nicest way and to be fair to them, I found them very helpful. Perhaps I shouldnt say more, but you get the hint? Meanwhile I hope you have fixed the problem. I now have a 450, and have only just realised it doesnt have the "Thick/Thin Gloves" option.