Speed cameras not working

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Hi, I have a go5100 and the speed cameras are not working. This device has lifetime updates. I have tried to do a factory reset like it says on the Tomtom website, but no better. In settings it says that the subscription is active. Any body else had this problem? Also, I took out a Tomtom Extra care plus warranty for 4 years, but I can't work out who to contact about this. If anyone can help that would be brilliant. Thanks


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    Hi @Grahamrp

    You need to contact Customer support.


    If you have a different image when you sign in on the Page as shown on the link then select the Red Contact Us .
    Type Help in the next box bottom right and hit return
    Help box appears with a number of ideas. Just hit Contact Us
    Box appears with Chat/Email.
    Chat is very busy so you may have to try it a few times over a period to get a connection which someone has just reported they have managed .

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    Doug, thanks for your help, I have done what you suggested.
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    How I enable my speed camera on my tomtom go 520 model?

    During a recent update got corrupted my device, now my navigator TomTom Go 520 is not showing any speed camera related information anywhere. I did a factory reset still could not recover my speed camera alerts and warnings even it has been enabled and I have active subscription. Please help me as soon as possible as I am not able to use the speed camera feature.

    My model and serial number: Tomtom Go 520 - ZF6xxxxxxxxxx21

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