I want to buy a new TomTom, but can't get the information I need from your website

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The TomTom website is really bad.
  1. I want a replacement for XL N14644. It's 12cm x 80cm and does mostly what I want. However, the batt has gone and the maps can't be updated anymore. I'm located in Switzerland, but want the information presented in the language I speak - English. This seems to be impossible! why?
  2. I'm buying from digitec.ch, but the product names on their website don't correspond to the product names on the TomTom website - for example; Rider 550 Premium, Rider 550, Rider 550 EU, Start 62 EU, Go 520 World, GO Essential EU, Go Premium Navi, Go Essential EU45, Go Professional 620. If you really must give different exotic names to the same product in each country then at least give a common models number. For example, SN-xxx should be fine for 1000 different models of sat nav devices. How can you expect me to buy something when I don't know what it is? Given all the problems with your website I am not going to buy directly from TomTom as I suspect it would take months, involve huge carriage and import charges, and offer little support
  3. The dimensions on the TomTom website for the GO Basic 5 inches is the same as when the 6 inch model is selected - both 16cm x 10cm. Are they really the same? If that's wrong, what else on your website is wrong?
  4. TomTom has got some dreadful reviews on Trust Pilot. Why hasn't the company responded?