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You're adres is on the left/right

Hello, my navigation is very good except for the end of my trip, it says you've reached your destination... But is it on the left or the right site of the road? Sometimes you can in a dangerous situation if you are looking which site you're adres is.


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    Long gone are the days that Tomtom devices had that -- and other good -- features.
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    Thanks for your message, But it seems to me that this feature is good for everyone, is it not possible for the programmers to change that? I think it's not a big thing for them. Even in the navigation 'cards' from Apple is this available so why not in TomTom?
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    Hi @Uha8,
    Uha8 wrote: »
    you've reached your destination... But is it on the left or the right site of the road?.
    My TomTom GO Navigation iOS 2.3 (on iPhone 6s Plus iOS 13.5.1) does tell me whether the address in on the right or left side of the road. * Sorry for the delay in replying to your post, I have only taken my car out an hour ago and therefore couldn't test and ensure that this was still the case.

    I think the problem may be the map data. How are you navigating to your destination: Built-in POIs; contacts; postcode; address; My Places; etc?

    As I said, I think that it's to do with the map's data. Whilst TomTom has included (the unnecessary) 3D buildings, they (TomTom) have at some point removed the data to say which side of the road certain addresses can be found.

    * You're wondering how I get my TomTom GO Navigation iOS 2.3 to tell me which side of the road an address is, well the answer is I use my own custom POIs ** and those custom POIs are created by using Google Earth to determine coordinates that are just off the road and then testing the coordinates using online TomTom maps at

    ** If you're wondering how I use my custom POIs with TomTom GO Navigation iOS, the answer is that I use a third party POI manager app called POIViewer.

    TomTom, please bring back full custom POI functionality with icons on map and navigation screens and also proximity alerts. Your old products had this full functionality.

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