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How To Delete My TomTom Account

MaEnaMaEna Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
I am a frustrated user who googled "how to delete my TomTom account" and was taken to:
When I click on the "form" link included in this article, I am redirected to which then (after two seconds) redirects me to this discussion forum home page. Next I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer to my question under any of the topics.
Since all my search results came up for "gb" and I want "us", I tried searching google for a U.S. customer support site but all the search results redirect me back to this discussion forum since I'm searching in English.
In my profile, I am listed as being in the United Kingdom which isn't correct. I tried changing to United States, but U.S. wasn't even listed as a choice in the "change country" drop-down.
I tried a TomTom U.S. toll free number that appeared when I googled TomTom phone support, but this number has a recorded message that TomTom support is now only available by chat or email.
Can anyone help with what I thought would be a simple request?

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