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We are thinking of buying a TomTom Go Camper

Dave9998888888888888Dave9998888888888888 Posts: 13 [Apprentice Traveler]
It says it is 'Worldwide' - does this mean it has maps of Georgia (In Europe, not USA) and Azerbaijan loaded?

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,952
    Hi @Dave9998888888888888

    The Go Camper comes with a Camper specific map for the region in which it is sold so in your case it will have Europe on it. It also has free access to 3 more Camper specific Maps covering generally North, South America and Oceania which can be downloaded but you will need an extra memory card in order to have them all on the unit. With these maps you can set the Vehicle for which each route is created as a Car, Light or Heavy Motorhome or as a Car and caravan with the facility to input the dimensions and weight details of the 3 latter.

    You also can download any of the car based maps from TT's worldwide list.

    Regarding Georgia and Azerbaijan the European map does not include them and there are no maps of these countries available to download to the GO Camper or any of the other PND models ie the Car, Motorbike or Truck versions. . If you want to have those two countries they are available to download to the Tomtom GO Navigator App to your Phone or a Tablet however you cannot input vehicle data into the App for routing purposes as the maps are Car related..

  • Dave9998888888888888Dave9998888888888888 Posts: 13 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hello DougLap,
    Thanks for your help. Is there a map of Africa available too? Can these be loaded to the unit? I assume we would need to purchase an extra memory card for this?
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