How many separate Locations can MyDrive store on a go 6200?

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When I enter new locations on MyDrive with a Go 6200 I loose other locations already stored. I have a few hundred locations stored. I need to add another 150 locations. I'm in the process of upgrading to a Premium X. Will I need to use both devices or can I get the whole 350 locations on one device.


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    When you receive your GO Premium X login simply register the new device using the same Email & Password as your old device
    When you use the MyDrive Web Route planner
    The Favorites/Myplaces and saved Routes from the old device will auto sync between the two devices

    BE AWARE... Multiple NAV4 or NAV5 devices using the same Email Address & Password....
    This configuration can give problems...
    Click Show....
    BE AWARE... Multiple NAV4 or NAV5 devices using the same Email Address & Password... This configuration can give problems if two or more devices are being used at the same time... For example....

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    (Snip) I have a Go 5000 and a Go 6000 – which my parents use – and both are on the same account. Just recently we were both using our devices simultaneously but heading in different directions, and we both had our routes automatically changed by each other's device which I wasn't expecting!
    What's the solution for this: do I have to take one device off the account and create a new account for it? Will it lose the speed camera subscription if I do this? (Snip)

    Answer.... Logging out of MyDrive on your devices is the way to go....
    When you need to sync a route file, log back into MyDrive on the device/s you wish to sync the data
    I use this method with 8 devices... After all, you only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address

    If you're not happy logging in/out of MyDrive on the devices, you will need to set up a MyDrive account with different Email and password for each device... the downside is you will need to set up and maintain multiple MyDrive (Web) Route planner accounts for any MyPlaces, POI's and Routes you wish to sync to each individual device

    I maintain three NAV4 devices GO 5000, Start 60, Rider 400 and five NAV5 (Wi-Fi) GO 520, 620, GO 6200, GO Premier & Rider 550 by simply logging in/out of MyDrive
    I use a single password across all the devices... You only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address
    Most of the time on the individual devices I am out logged of MyDrive and only log in to sync data as required, then log out again

    NAV4.................. Tap (.... Menu) --> Tomtom Services --> MyDrive... Stop Syncing
    NAV(5)+Wifi)... Tap (.... Menu) --> Setting --> MyDrive... Stop Syncing

    Logging out of MyDrive on the device does not stop the device receiving Tomtom Traffic and live services info
    The above does not work in the USA the Live Traffic system is different to UK/Europe
    Have you got the device stuffed full of Maps... (400 MB is considered the bare minimum Free Space the more Free Space the faster the device will operate)...
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> About... Scroll down Free Space...
    If you are running low on Working space the device may limit the MyPlaces you can install ???

    I don't know if there's an official max number of MyPlaces....

    But In the early days of the NAV4 devices you could use a 3rd party program to side-load Favorites into MyPlaces...
    I had 900 MyPlaces loaded another user had 1300 (That's one hell of a list to scroll down) 😧

    Note... Tomtom knocked the little trick of side-loading Favorites on the head when they released the update Version 17.1 that allowed 3rd party POIs to be installed... At the same time they changed the memory location where the MyPlaces were stored and stopped the 3rd party program loading the Favorites/MyPlaces to the device :/

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM