Help on my TomTom runner 2 cardio music

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Good Morning!!!! I have a totom runner 2 cardio music watch Download the application is fine but I have a question and I hope someone will help me. When it comes to customizing the workouts in the statistics, I can't see the times by blocks and I don't know if it's my fault or if it can't be done, I give an example. If I schedule a training like this: 2x 400 m rest, 2x 300 m and 2x 100 m once the training is over, I don't get what time I did in each session like 400 to 1'50, 300 to 1'20, what I get in the Statistics is the average per kilometer. there are other marks that if they mark it but I do not know if this gives the possibility. Can you see that?

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    What you are asking for cannot be done, it simply does not display it in that manner. And since you are in a training mode you cannot due manual laps to mark each one. This is not going to change considering TT Sports has been out of business for over 2.5 years, so you are going to have to live with it or move on to another brand.
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    Muchas gracias por contestar.