Does anyone use rider 400 with BMW TFT?

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Considering buying BMW f900xr. The TFT works fairly well for turn by turn navigation but it's offer good to be able to see the route and more detailed directions from s sat nav. Rather than buying BMW navigator 6 I would like to use my rider 400.
Has anyone any experience of using a rider with BMW TFT?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Cornersruns

    If the headset is not listed as compatible in our article here, then I would not suggest buying it.

    However, if our RIDER users on the community have had success pairing and using it they please feel free to share...

    Thanks, Vikram
  • Cornersruns
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    Headset works fine with rider and BMW TFT, Sena smh5.
    What I want to check is if anyone has used all together
    BMW navi 6 integrates with BMW TFT. I'm not expecting rider to integrate with BMW TFT just if anyone has used the combination without issues.
    What I expect might work is pair phone to BMW, pair BMW to Sena, then pair rider to 2nd channel on Sena.
    If anyone has tried this and it works then all is good. If not I might specify BMW navi when I order the bike, which makes sense to have fitted at factory.
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    The Rider doesn't support integration with the BMW TFT only BMW own navigation does.

    BMW does also have a navigation app that integrates with the TFT. This app also has the TomTom maps and winding roads option. (BMW MOTORRAD CONNECTED APP)