Why does my sat nav keep telling me "no route possible"?

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When inputting a postcode, it often comes up with the above message, and it won't find an alternative. I have to put in the road name in manually; this is so annoying and time consuming.
Sometimes the route might have a closed road, but it doesn't find an alternative.
This problem is cropping up more often, so now I'm thinking it has something to do with the updates.


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    Hi @Zee_21

    When inputting a Postcode do not leave the gap in the middle.

    Alsoif you have your search option set to Step by Step you will have issues with Postcodes.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Choose a search Mode If it is saying Step by Step and change to Quick Search.

    Can you give an example Postcode that says No Route Possible.

    If there is a road closure on the route that the Mapping is not aware of then where you come across it then Tap the Blue Triangle and select Avoid Blocked road.

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    I really do apologise Doug for the 18 full lunar cycles before replying (notifications not coming through).
    I was just on the forum as my Go Professional keeps rebooting constantly, when I spotted your reply (just thought it was the honourable thing to do).
    I will try that!
    I also spotted your advice for the rebooting, and I've just done that now and will try it next opportunity. Thanks for replying