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Import GPX files to GO Mobile app

When is TomTom going to implement the ability to import GPX files directly into the GO MOBILE app? Without the ability to load GPX files the app is almost useless. It's too hard to do complicated routes on the phone. I won't renewing my subscription until a proper solution is provided.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,201
    Hi @Retiredwingman

    To my knowledge the facility has been available on the Android App the IOS version has never offered the ability to send and save routes so I assume TT would like to offer the facility on both Apps. At the moment the option is not available on the new Android version I believe because of the compatibility issue with the Maps now used in that version. I assume when that mapping issue is resolved then TT will seek to restore the the Android App.

    As TT has never offered it on the IOS App then I assume the reason is that Apple have not, for whatever reason, permitted it. Notably the IOS version works on CarPlay but the Android App version does not work in Android Auto. I think you. will find that Google have only currently permitted Google and Waze to be used in Android Auto.

  • RetiredwingmanRetiredwingman Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    DougLap, thanks for the response. I'm not sure if the original TT Android app had the ability to load GPX files. It did have the ability to see saved routes from TT MyDrive. The new version of TT GO Mobile App for Android can't see saved routes (due to map changes). TT needs to add the ability to Import and Export GPX files. Every other Navigation app has the ability to do route planning on a PC and then export to the App.
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