struggling with intermittent speed cameras showing on device

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Initially the speed cameras are not showing on my device - am trying to connect to computer but my 6200 will not connect - there is no pop up when I plug it in to any USB port. Have been through network adaptors, and the only one close to the Tom Tom instructions is the "unknown device" one, the driver for which is shown as being up to date and working correctly. I'm ultimately trying to delete and re-install speed camera info as sometimes the cameras are shown, but others they are missing. Soft reset doesn't alter this. I can get no further with the Tom Tom instructions as cannot connect to My Drive - any ideas?


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    The updates for these wifi devices don't work in mydrive connect. As far as I am aware these have to be performed on the device and mydrive connect can serve as an source of strong alternate internet connection over the wifi. Factory resetting could help, or seek help from the customer service dept.
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    Hi @mrreliable

    You cannot delete and reinstall cameras data . Even if you connect your GO6200 to your PC with My Drive Connect running on it you are only using the PC as a connection facility to the internet. When connected to the PC you will still have to use the menu options on the GO6200 to manage any functions such as updating or downloading new items.

    If you select a computerised voice and warnings to beRead Aloud and then selecting all the cameras etc you want warning about then you will be advised what type of cameras you are approaching.

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    Thanks for the info Doug - I was following a set of instructions given by Tom Tom about deleting the speed camera files and re-installing them. I do not wish to be verbally told what sort of cameras I am approaching - I run my Go 6200 silently all the time, and I cannot understand why known speed cameras on my known routes do not always appear - this is the problem I am trying to rectify.