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Before the introduction of TomTom Go mobile it was possible to plan routes with limited speed.
In TomTom Go mobile this function was not available anymore.
I hoped it would be available in the latest update (Tom Tom Go Navigation v.2.2.2).
I used it a lot since I do not want to drive at the maximum allowed speed. When driving with a caravan the maximum speed is lower.


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    Hi @dwerkman

    If you go under Main Menu> Setting> Sound> Alert & sound, there should be an option 'When Speeding'. This warning is given as soon as you exceed the speed limit by more than 5 km/h or 3 mph. When you are speeding, the speed panel also turns red in the guidance view. This is the closest you can get to the speed alert in the new app.

    We've Camper specific devices available that get customized routes for your vehicle’s dimensions, weight, and maximum speed. This is not available with the TomTom App but I'll mark this as a feature request

    Thanks, lampard
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    I prepared an answer before I saw you later added the 2nd paragraph.

    The fastest route is always calculated in accordance with the maximum permitted speed. With a caravan or trailer behind the car the maximum permitted speed is not always possible or allowed. In practice my maximum speed is 90 km / h and the average speed is 80 km / h.

    In this situation, the calculated route is often not the fastest. Below an example:

    The calculated route in TomTom from Chabaudie (24660 France) to Vatan (36150 France) is via the A89 and A20. The distance is 312 km and the travel time is 3 hours, so an average speed of 117 Km / h. At an average speed of 80 Km / h, the travel time is 4 hours and 14 minutes.
    The route via the N21 or the D704/D705 is 49 km shorter, 12 minutes faster and more economical.

    Back in 2013 using my TomTom app for Android it was possible to set a maximum speed and calculate a route for that speed. Since the upgrade to Go Mobile, this option was gone and unfortunately did not return in the recent upgrade.

    Reintroduction of the feature for setting a maximum speed would be very appreciated, not only by me I think.

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    I drive a motorcycle with a sidecar and will never exceed 80km/h so jut tell me how to use this hardware. If no one else has this functionality its not a good excuse why you should not. Its even worse when you use this in Camper. I must say om so disappointed not just because of this lazy approach to customers, but byt the overpriced devices ( I ride Tomtom Rider latest model) with the more than acceptable connectible issues.
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    I'm sorry, but such functionality isn't available.

    We monitor feedback that we receive from our users, and this particular complaint is first that we received about missing functionality for route planning with limited speed.

    If we receive more requests like this, then we will consider re-adding this missing functionality.

    Please note, that we have backlog of improvements and bugs to be fixed, and we need to triage our work wisely, because resources are limited. I hope this explain a little bit why we can't add to our app everything that we are requested for. Some of the features might be useful for handful of user, but won't be ever used by other.
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    @szachowa (TomTom moderator): Oops.. before you answer that this is the first time TomTom has received this feedback,...... maybe first double-check the various TomTom discussion groups (both TomTom and independent ones) and the direct support request to the TomTom helpdesks.
    You will see that with different wordings, it has been asked several times in this and other discussion groups. The oldest request I could find by quickly checking goes back to older TomTom planning software even in 2013.
    Moreover, I remember that when I asked directly by email at the support desk of TomTom, why this functionality was no longer included when migrating from the older TomTom IOS app to the TomTom Go IOS, the answer was that TomTom would gradually add the former functionalities to the TomTom Go.
    Would really be great if the speed limit of the vehicle, could be used as a setting in parallel to route type!

    But even without this functionality still, TomTom is (in my opinion) the best navigation app on the market. Adding the functionality would make the route planning even better!
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    Harm1966 wrote: »
    @szachowa (TomTom moderator): Oops.. before you answer that this is the first time TomTom has received this feedback,...... maybe first double-check the various TomTom discussion groups (both TomTom and independent ones) and the direct support request to the TomTom helpdesks.

    Yes, sorry, I used bad wording here. I should have searched discussions forum before responding. I'm very sorry for that.

    Still learning and gaining experience, I hope I will improve.
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    Hey there,

    I would really love to see this "vechicle speed limit" feature in both Android app and in Rider GPS sat navs. Riding at highway speed is usually not comforable by motorcycle and also there is a shorter route between A and B with short highway rides (this is why I don't turn off using highways) but on mostly country roads. Unfortuantely Tomtom (and as I found all major satnavs) offers the 1.5x longer highway route between A and B.

    So please, Tomtom, let us configure our vechicle's top speed and plan the route according to it.


    cc @szachowa
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    In current version of TTGo You can specify maximum speed for car in vehicle setting
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    In current Beta that's possible.

    In current Release 3.4.7 it's possible to choose 2 items only: engine and fuel type.