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What's happened to searching by postcode???

I've just updated my TomTom Go app on my android phone. The first time that I've tried to input a post code, it's just thrown up loads of addresses starting with the number 1! No sign whatsoever of the address linked to the post code that I've put in. This app is no good to me whatsoever if I can't search by postcode. Any ideas??


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    Welcome to the site....
    Are you using a space in the middle of the postcode ???
    Tomtom devices normally do not need the space....
    For my test postcode, the first character after usual postcode space was 6
    On my iPhone, if I use a space, it does indeed show a long list of addresses starting with a house No6 and then the postcode...
    Without a space it shows the 'one' correct address and then the postcode...

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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