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I have a Go Professional 6250 which was bought with lifetime traffic & speed cameras but both are showing as expired on device & saying I need to go online to purchase these. Can anyone help on how to get this sorted??

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  • fergussion
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    You can report this to the customer service dept.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @KevG1804

    Have a look back here tomorrow to see if @VikramK had the chance to have a look at your account and sorted the settings so the Lifetime Traffic etc are active again.

  • KevG1804
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    Hi @DougLap, didn’t realise I’d posted this question twice, thanks for the answer(s), hopefully be sorted tomorrow.

  • VCPP
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    i have paid approximately 30 eur for "TomTom Traffic, LIVE- and other Services". The payment was accepted and the date on my device (PRO 5150) changed from 2020 to 2021, so initially everything was ok. I could use the services for 2 weeks and then it failed again. The date was again changed to 2020 and i was unable to use the services. I have searched for several mail-addresses but every time i sent a mail an automatic answer showed up.. Also the telephone numbers are not working.. Does anyone have the same problem ,or even better, know a solution? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.