Maps on first install or update needs fine tuning

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I am sorry if this is a long post but your going to burn a lot of customers in its current state

When you first start up from clean or upgrade to the new fancy tomtom go that's just been released by default it Only pre selects the area your currently at in (in my case uk North) it does not ask you to select other zones of the uk by default

this is extremely bad for user experience, it should have a pre ticked box for UK so it automatically selects all UK zones (for Ireland and Scotland they should be shown as selectable but unticked by default, but Scotland is part of UK North so just Ireland needs not selected) and show how much free space you have and need for the selected maps (so the user can decide to untick areas they don't want, only selecting 1 zone is very bad experience as most will miss that it's only going to pick a small 25% section of the UK)

Other issue is actually adding new map areas for your avg user they won't know they have to press add (to well add) the other missing zones and won't notice right away 75% the uk map roads are missing and why navigation is failing to find addresses that are outside of the zone they currently have downloaded (as its not very apperent that tomtom has only download 25% of the map area) as it doesn't show the other map zones it just assume your only ever going to be in this area witch is a mistake

It should pre select North, South and Central, but leave Ireland unselected on the Same screen (and show available storage space and size of map to be installed)

you can't even just do a simple thing like tap on not downloaded area and trigger download from there (just gives you gps coordinates witch will confuse most people who don't understand what that gps coordinates marker means) without having to find the hidden map menu (as a normal person would see it)
As at the moment it's like below (not simple for avg person)
under menu > bottom of menu press the sprocket > "downloaded maps" > add > England > add zone (that's way to many steps for most technical limted people witch will be most of your customer base, you should alway show all zones and pre select them by default and give the user the option to "Unselect" them), the word downloaded maps needs changing as well (avg person might not understand that's where you add the maps, should say something like "Manage maps" (but really it should be like below)

It should simple menu > maps (or/and directly tap on an area where there are no roads so you can trigger a map download from there)

Also Scotland is missing from UK North Zone description (just cosmetic but I would of thought Scotland would've had its own zone map area)

If your app developers would like to contact me on how to make the app experience for normal people who use this app better I welcome for you to email or call me and I can give you some idea's to make it simple for avg person,, as the app in its current form your going to confuse and force people to just give up on tomtom when 75% of the uk is now missing or broken into here eye's and use waze or Google maps)

You have to be careful on user first time and old customer experience or you going to lose lots of repeat subscription (witch in its current form is going to make people leave to free alternatives, the critical one right now is failure to download all UK zones, but in other countries like Usa and France if you have it setup the same way as UK where you have small zones now and you only download a small zone by default without showing the other nearby zones your going to make people leave to another app that gives them full map coverage by default , and they likely won't come onto the forums)

Other things I noticed, the next turn navigation box on the top is a little bit big maybe have an option to in settings to make it smaller

and the cancel navigation button at the bottom right is very useful but remove the "don't ask me again" tick Box as it's way to easy to hit the cancel navigation button, it should always ask to cancel navigation just in case you accidentally hit it while you're driving somehow,, as if this does happen this means then you've now created a distracted driver by having the user go back to menu search and restart the navigation while you're driving (witch is illegal so this needs to be removed so accidental navigation cancel button is a question always so they can just tap no)

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    Sorry but I don't get it: How and when and where would you set and save the default to be used in the once and only first-time ever clean installation? BTW the new app is TomTom GO Navigation and is not the topic of this forum which is the older and now obsolescent TomTom GO Mobile.
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    Both had tomtom go so was unsure witch one to post in (if this can be moved to the other android tomtom go fourm that be appreciated) the app it says is tomtom go so unsure why there is 2 sub forums for it (I guess it's for the version that had lifetime map updates that got retired into this subscription based tomtom go)

    When the app is upgraded or clean Install to this new tomtom app (from 2020 July) it's only pre selecting the zone your currently in (in the uk normally you expect it just to be the whole of the uk)

    what it should do is ask what zones you want to unselect (also should show a picture of the area as it does on the windows tomtom device manager) it should by default select all 3 uk zones and offer the option to unselect them, for outside the UK it it male's more sense is its far wider area so you norm only need 1-2 zones

    The other thing it should do if you tap in an area that you don't have map data for it should offer to download that map area (as the placement of map download area buried in 4 levels of settings thst avg user won't find)

    as it's easy to miss that it only downloading 1 zone, most people who use tomtom Won't be conputer literate so won't understand why they can't find an address to navigate to another zone
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    Yes, TomTom did make a change. The older GO Mobile installed with no maps and the newer GO Navigation appears to install with the smallest map that includes the current location of the device. I assume TomTom researched what most users would prefer (or perhaps which would provoke the fewest calls to Customer Service) but of course any choice will find other people who would have preferred something different.