Why isn't there lifetime map of NZ / Australia available? stuck at decision to buy my second device

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is there option to get lifetime map with new TomTom device purchase? That was the only reason why I chose the brand for the first purchase earlier. Now I cannot find any info about lifetime map at purchase link which I have received along with discount ( $110) since I am an existing customer. Kindly advice if there is a way to get lifetime map with new device purchase, so that I can go ahead with decision to buy new devices for family.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @JoshuaCr

    If you click on the Start 52 on the Tomtom NZ website if you scroll down you can see the following

    Maps (Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia)*

    Make sure you have the latest maps by connecting your TomTom START to your PC. We issue new maps seasonally – which include road changes and revised speed limits. Get these updates for free, for the life of your device.

    All the units will have Lifetime Maps.