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Navigation unstable

AardbeiAardbei Posts: 18 [Legendary Explorer]
If I start navigating from home, everythings seems to be OK. Once in a while TOMTOM looses track of the road. When I start naviting back to my home, TOMTOM is hardly finding the route or GPS signal. Mostly it's starts OK, but within minutes TOMTOM is completely lost. Restarting the App or waiting for longer times doesn't help. How to fix this issue?


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,769
    Hi @Aardbei

    Which version of the App do you have and what phone model..

  • AardbeiAardbei Posts: 18 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hi Doug,

    I have App version 2.2.1.

    I'm using the Iphone SE (old version) and IPhone 8.
    Both have the same issue.

    Best regard
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,769
    Hi @Aardbei

    I also have the SE (old version) and the same App version.

    I have location set to While using the App and all the access settings On including Mobile Data.

    Are you using the App to direct you to your destination and on the return journey, or just have it on for Cameras warnings. Are the out and back routes the same and are there lots of Tall buildings or trees where you are going.

    Have you tried deleting the App , turning phone off then reloading the App and how much free memory do you have on the phones.

    I have no such issues with my setup so is odd.

  • AardbeiAardbei Posts: 18 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hi Douglap,
    I'm using my App to direct me to my destination and on the return journey.
    Yesterday I used my App to navigate in my surroundings. No buildings and open area.
    The App is not able to find the street and on the way back the App freezes completely.

    This happens by using Carplay and the Iphone standalone.

    Mobiele data is selected.

    I will delete the App and install it again.

    But It's strange that it happens on both my Iphones (SE and 8).

    Best regards.
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