Android TomTom GO 1.18.1: Can EV charging points be displayed yet?

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I've used TomTom Android in the past and then got a TomTom satnav and am now investigating using the current Android app for use in a new EV car we are getting and I would use the app via Android Auto. However in the latest 1.18.1 version I can not see any way of showing POI's and no information about charging points. I have not paid anything yet, so maybe £.pp unlocks some features. I CAN find EV charging points in the PC or Android My Drive.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Gluckgone

    You might like to check but I think the only Nav Apps that work on Android Auto are Google and Waze. The IOS GO Nav App works on CarPlay as do other similar Apps so I assume that Tomtom and the other App suppliers would wish to offer a similar facility with the Android Apps but they don't or can't.