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2D North Up

I’ve been in discussion with TomTom and 2D North Up is not an option.

We have 2D in direction of travel but not with screen north locked up. You can hack it with map view but this looses the automatic zoom in and out for junctions and speed. You manually have to do this which is a distraction. TomTom advised post this on the forums and get support and it is more likely to be added to their developments.

Hence asking for views, support and reposting to other Forums including TomToms own.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 18,423
    Welcome to the site....
    A true North-up Driving view is not an available option on the latest Tomtom devices....
    The available options are 3D & 2D (Rotate in direction of travel)
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Appearance --> Guidance view

    The only true North-up is the North-up Overview panning Map
    Tap on the direction of Travel Icon, above the + and - Signs
    To toggle between the North-up Overview Planning Map and the Driving Map view chosen in the Setting menus i.e... 2D in direction of travel or 3D

    The direction of Travel Icon is thinner more pointed in the 2D in direction of travel or 3D Driving view

    The sequence when tapping on the 'Direction of Travel Icon' as I see it... I'm driving using my chosen driving view in the Setting Menus...
    For me 2D (In direction of Travel) + Zoom... Based on road type
    1st Tap --> North-up Overview planning Map
    2nd Tap --> 2D (Indirection of Travel) Max Zoom ???
    3rd Tap --> Return to my chosen driving view (2D (In direction of Travel) Normal Zoom

    Cut & Paste from one of my previous posts
    Driving using the North-up Overview Planning Map
    My Normal Setting....
    2D Rotate in direction of travel
    Zoom... Based on road type

    I planned and calculated a route
    Tapped the direction of travel chevron to select the North-up overview map
    tapped the + sign 4 times to set the required zoom level....

    Set off on the route....
    The cursor that represent the current location does not remain centred like in 2D or 3D
    it's sits inboard from the edge of the screen about 20/25 percent and moves around the sides of screen depending on the direction travel, but it always stays on the screen (I think this is to show as much as the route as possible)

    The route was about 5 Miles, the zoom level remained normal as for using 'Zoom Based on road type' throughout the journey

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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