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When I bought the TomTom Go 600 my husband was able to connect to his Galaxy S9 without any issues. He has recently upgraded his phone to the LG V60 and now we can't get it to connect or find the device.
We made sure the hotspot was on the phone with tethering allowed, had the mobile app opened and went to the bluetooth screen. We had the connections on the device opened and had them both searching but they can't find each other.
I used my S9 and was able to find the V60 so I know it was broadcasting, I did not put the mobile app on my phone to try to connect it to the device since I know his S9 did prior to this. He had cleared out past connections on the TomTom before doing this.
Is the Go 600 not compatible with the newer phones or is there another way to try to get them to find each other?


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    GO 600 might not support the up-scaled bluetooth compatibility. Start with the factory reset and see if the device is able to find the new phone.