go camper large motorhome speed limits wrong

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whilst using my device the maximum speed limits are wrong for my size of vehicle, its showing car speed limits, i have searched for an answer , and it seems to be an old poblem, have you managed to update the sytem to allow correct speed limits ?


  • VikramK
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    Hi James

    Is there is a specific location where you find the speed limits incorrect for the camper vehicle?

  • jamesc76
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    in the uk a roads in a large camper are 50mph go camper shows 60, duel carrage way its 60mph for large camper, go camper shows 70mph
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    Hi @VikramK

    Here is a link to the RAC website detailing UK speed limits.


    You will see that Motorhomes over 3.05t max unladen weight that Single carriageway roads and Dual carriageway roads are both 10mph lower than those for lighter Motorhomes, under 3.05t max unladen weight, and Cars.

    As an example the A289 Hasted Road from Mapcode GBR PPD.SKW to GBR PPG.CB7 is a dual carriageway so has a Car/Light Motorhome speed limit of 70mph but a Heavy Camper ie over 3.05t max unladen weight is 60mph. The latter vehicle is also restricted to 50mph rather than 60mph on a Single carriageway road. It is showing 70mph as the speed limit for a Heavy Camper when it should be 60mph.

    You will find that many believe the max weight limit of 3.50 Tonnes is the defining weight for speed limits not 3.05 tonnes max unladen weight. You will find however that almost without exception that means that Vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 3.50 Tonnes meets the light Motorhome speed limit as they are generally 3.05 max unladen weight or under.

    I have done a quick check on a few roads and they are all wrong ie Detling Road between Sittingbourne and Maidstone indicates 70mph and it should be 60mph for Heavy Motorhomes.

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    What is Tom Tom’s answer to this old ongoing WRONG speed limit issue? I bought this sat nav to ‘keep me safe’ and within the law and it’s clearly not doing that. It’s wrong for a heavy camper on ALL ROADS. I can’t believe the earlier response. It’s not a road map error it’s a software error!