Automatic route registration rider 550

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I recently switched from Garmin to a Rider 550.
One item I directly mis is the route registration as a default.

I was expecting it to be there in the 550 after reading the online manual.
This is the dutch version
Strange enough, clicking the html to the English version the items are not thre.
But downloading a pdf they are:


Select Settings in the Main Menu, then select System.
On this screen, you can change these settings:
Automatic route recording
Select this setting to switch route recording on or off. When route recording is on, any routes
driven are automatically added to your Route History. Switch this setting off to stop route
recording. The default is off.


So there are two option in the Settings - System mentioned in the manual but missing in my device.
Is this something to expect?
My Ridere says it is up to date.
At 'info' I see app version 19.201.0010.411 (0) (27-09-2019)
Look rather old to me though.