Please provide address for sending in my device for repair

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Since several weeks now the live services do not work on my device. I have followed all the instruction provided on your support website but without any success. Please provide me with an address to which I can send my device for repair purposes. Guarantee is still valid. Thank you very much in advance for your answer.
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  • DougLap
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    Hi @Ento

    Have you tried a Soft Reset on the unit. Ie Charge the unit fully or attach a power source and then turn the unit on. When ready to use press the On/Off button and hold in for 20 seconds Plus until you hear the drumroll sound then let the button go. The unit will restart.

    If that does not resolve the issue then go onto the My Drive website , log into your account and check that all your My Places and any Poi files and Route files you have on the unit are saved there. If they are then I would do a Factory Reset.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device.

    You will now return the device to as Out of the Box except the current versions of the operating software and the Maps will not be changed. Once done you will be asked to set the unit up with language / Account details etc.

    If that does not resolve the issue then we need to have your units settings checked on the TT servers. Lets us know how you get on and have checked whilst on a suitable route.