Free up space on the TomTom START 52

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How can I delete certain (large) countries to free up more memory on my TomTom start 52?

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @jibbedi

    You cannot delete individual countries from the supplied maps. Possibly if you go to My Drive Connect and click on My Content then the map you may be given the option to download instead smaller maps, that do not cover the total same area, that you can choose from and load to your unit..

    The alternative is to add a Micro SD Class 10 extra memory card either 16gb or maximum 32gb, Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make are recommended, and then the unit will move the map too there when it is too big for the internal memory and you can keep the full range of countries on the device . One benefit is that freeing up a lot of the internal memory by removing the current map from there can speed up the operation of the device.