Arrival time on Start 42

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Afther the limitation in the Netherlands of 100 km, my device (tomtom start 42) doesn't calculate the arrivaltime right. What to do


  • Lochfrass
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    Arrival times are calculated based on historical traffic flow data. You can see that very well if you have a route simulated.
    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this wrong arrival time.
  • TomTomTonny
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    I have the exact same complaint. It has been half a year now that the maximum speed has been lowered by 17% during daytime. The arrival time has since been off (i.e. early) by about that percentage. So if you claim this algorithm to be based on historical data, the question shifts towards how much time TomTom will take to update these data, so as to provide more accurate estimates again. Surely half a year's time provides a decent database to significantly improve the calculation already.