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This forum seems to provide no category suitable for suggestions or feedback about TOMTOM products in general. The navigation category has sub-categories for each device, and is geared to answering questions and solving problems for each device. So any suggestion/feedback applicable to multiple devices is like a square peg confronted with round holes. Also, a forum geared towards problem solving likely isn't the best place to start a discussion.


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    Most users only have one device with which they have problems. Since it makes sense that it is grouped.
    Often, users post in the wrong area. Then read a question about the app in the rider area. The moderators then move the post accordingly
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    Sure, most people come to get a problem solved, and for that the current organization makes sense. Perhaps it would be sufficient to simply add a category for general-purpose feedback/suggestion/whatever, or "miscellaneous" or "none of the above".
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    I know this has been almost a year, but I agree. I was on here a couple years ago to leave feedback. I was able to leave some some where. I just don't remember. I do remember TomTom actually replied, thanked me and said they would forward my suggestion.
    Todays visit was about the same and more. Voice my frustrations, make suggestions and a probable goodbye to TomTom products.
    So, I have had 5 or six GPS TomToms for my car/trucks. The earlier ones were more user friendly. I have had this Go supreme 600 for quite a while and wow. I know GPS's are not perfect, I got used to ended up occasionally not where I wanted, or it asking me to turn where you cannot. This one goes beyond that. Ok, I had to Google map my way to the RV park, only to find that I cannot just mark it and navigate there like I used to be able to? I had to use the record route feature to be able to find the park again. What happened to marking your current location and just hitting that spot to navigate back there. Sorry, one more step. Add to "my places" I could add it but same results. Why have a section of my places and not navigate there?
    That was not the worst though. Ok, so I move across country and am relying on my TomTom to get me from point A to B and back again. So several times while driving The TomTom shuts itself off then back on, only to route me to my RV park? The first time I didn't realize it until I was almost home! Not where I was going! I was not using anything to do with that recorded route.
    Customer service has been fantastic. helped me out when needed. Gave me some great deals when looking to upgrade, but this one scares me off. Bought it to hopefully navigate in places with little to no phone coverage. I did get used to using it. Liked the GPS in front of me instead of the phone. Did I get a bad unit, or did some of the user friendly features disappear? Either way, i have had this too long to just return it. It is still coming in handy.