Are there any tips on getting the heart rate to be more accurate?

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I have a multisport with a heart rate strap and used to work pretty good but lately my heart rare has been all over the place. I will start a run and it will jump to 190 thirty seconds into a run and then 10 minutes later it will drop to 40. I know these BPM rates are inaccurate. I have washed the strap, changed the battery, etc. Is there anything that is recommended?


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    What you are describing is generally due to poor conductivity. Chest straps tend to be less accurate until there is a good layer of sweat to better conduct the electrical signals. I actually use a electrode gel for EKG machines, which works great. You can get a tube that will last a lifetime for les than $10 on Amazon. Water or sweat are going to be less effective as they will evaporate, while the gel will not.