GPS device not connecting

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I've tried everything you suggest. My device is not showing up in the network adapter section of my computer, although the USB ports both work fine with it.


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    Hi @kweega

    So what device would that be? What are you trying to do

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    Welcome to the site....
    You have not stated the Tomtom model in your profile, the PC Operating system would also be helpful....

    If I have a problem with MyDrive Connect... I find deleting the "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders in the MyDrive Connect Program gives MyDrive Connect a CPR and brings to bring it back to life...
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    Thanks @YamFazMan
    I'm on a Mac but have found the two folders you mentioned (Home3 and MyDrive Connect) and deleted them. Hurrah!… that's done the trick after a couple of frustrating weeks I've updated it successfully.
    Many thanks for the advice.

    On a Mac....
    The "HOME3" and the "MyDrive Connect" folders are located here...
    MacOS: Users\Username\Library\Application Support\TomTom\

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