GO PROFESSIONAL speed camera alerts disappearing during a route

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A couple of times a day I lose the speed camera alerts from a planned route on my GO PROFESSIONAL 6250. If i switch the unit off and restart they reappear. This happens every day and is now becoming irritating. Is there a quick fix ??

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    From the latest updates I notice that fixed flash cameras are not displayed. Also various route controls such as in both directions at Bergen op Zoom are not indicated, while this works for example in Amsterdam. Very bad tomtom is this so reliable continuous service?

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  • Amicus
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    Thanks for the replies. It looks like I will have to continue to restart (reboot) the device a couple of times a day when out on the road. Whilst not the end of the world it is a bit disappointing considering the purchase cost of the system. I'll see how it goes and report back in a few weeks!!
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    The same problem here... Radars dissappear after last update. I try soft reset hard reset.... Something in software I think... When I make reset they work for some time and after dissappear. Try to remediate this.