Error on memory card when updating Carminat system from Renault Scenic

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When I'm trying to update my navigation system, the TomTom HOME app displays an error message, stating that there are errors on my memory card that cannot be repaired by HOME. On some occasions it says that my memory card is read-only, when it is clearly not. The suggestion to insert the card in my device, turn it on and off again does not help. Neither does removing the loopdir folder from the memory card and then re-inserting it into my device.
I own a Carminat system built in my Renault Scenic.
I have TomTom HOME version installed on a MacBook Air with MacOS Catalina 10.15.5


  • DougLap
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    Hi @willem1969

    Lets see what @VikramK has to suggest tomorrow.

  • willem1969
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    @VikramK Do you know what to do..?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @willem1969
    I could be wrong here but the memory card or the data stored on it could be corrupted.

    Could you please try the steps I suggested on this comment

    Note: Install the map from that gets offered for download.

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    Ha ha I had the same problem! After many discussions with customer service TomTom I found my own solution:
    delete the loopdir, and make a back up of the SD card on your computer. then put the SD card in your navigation system. Reset the system to 'fabrieksinstellingen' (In Dutch, I don't know the English word....). Done! Now TomTom home works with the SD card.