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I unfortunately accepted the question to update my tomtom Go app on android to the new beta testing app. I actually don't want to pay for a testing app that has some major issues when the older app was working 200% to my satisfaction. So I have 2 questions.

Can I install the old android version again ?

And then the biggest problem that I have is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). When the app is giving me a route the ETA is way off. For example, there is this route that without lots of traffic is like a 50min. drive. But now the app gives me a travel time of 1,30h every time I leave at 8am in the morning. But because we have holiday season at this moment there is almost no traffic so the real travel time is not correct. Every time when I pass a point on my route were outside the holiday season there would be a lot of traffic time is deducted from the ETA. So it looks like there is some kind of processing in the app that calculates the presumed travel time, based on previous traffic data (on that day, a that time it takes X minutes to get from point A to point B), on top of the actually traffic jams. I have been looking like crazy how I can enable this but I guess it can't be disabled. I just want a calculated ETA like on the older app. So I can decide for myself at what time I must leave to be on time.
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    Hi @SVgo

    Thanks for reporting this! Our team is already aware of this issue and I'll post back here once I know more.

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    Dear Lampard

    And what about the installation of the previous version ? I don't want to pay for a beta version that is not reliable.

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