Why has my mobile app stopped mapping routes?

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Hi There,
Yesterday while I was out driving, my mobile app stopped planning routes. I use the TomTom - GPS Navigation - Traffic Alerts & Maps app for my Samsung Note 8 (current on Android 9).

I will search or select a location I wish to travel, and the small window that usually appears asking me if I would like to drive, start from or add to my current route is now blank. I have attached an image taken from my cell phone which may help explain the issue.

So far I have done the following actions to try to understand/fix the issue:

Accessing Google maps works fine - so I know my location service on my phone works
Restarted my phone - no change
Cleared the cache on the TomTom app - no change
Reinstalled the app - no change
Logged out and back in again - no change
Checked my subscriptions - I have unlimited navigation which is active until 15/02/2021

What I have not done and would prefer not to do is reset the app because it warns that I will lose all my saved places and I have a lot that would be lost.

Please could anyone advise what the problem may be due to and what, if anything, can I do about it.

This is a very frustrating issue as I rely on this for my business.

Kind regards



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    A bump and it looks like I am not the only one - taken from google play customer review on the same day.

    Was the best app on my phone now it is simply rubbish. Navigating from my house to the next street hangs while calculating the route. Its one street away!! This last update is appalling. I own a software company and I have a tip for your management. Call together your developers and tell them you require the previous version resurrecting and releasing with immediate effect. Inform your customers of the rollback and apologise (it is better than haemmorraging customers). And test it properly.
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    And without any warning after reinstalling a third time everything returned to normal. Wtf?