TOMTOM go Premium x problem with services

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Hi,i have problem with tomtom go premium x,i login in with device to my account but in my account on a website I don't see any registered devices, live traffic and speed cameras are activated on a device but if I click on it I have information service unavailable,I did reset,I connected to my mobile phone and to wi-fi, still not working,
the device need to have a world map but I see only Europe
on mobile phone tomtom traffic and speed camera updates-expiry date unavailable


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    if somebody can help with that i will be grateful
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    Hi @krzysio8673_

    From what you are saying are you connecting the device to your PC is so you don't need to except in special circumstances.

    Your device will have come with one map as in your case Europe. The expression World map does not mean a single map that covers the world. Once set up and your unit is logged into your Account which you can check by going Settings/MyDrive and if it is not asking you to add Password and says Stop Syncing then it is connected to your account. If the unit is attached and connected to your Wifi then

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Maps
    Tap Add a Map

    You will get a list of Regions like Africa, Oceania etc which if you click on will tell you what maps are available from each region. You then go through to the region you want and select which maps from that region you would like on the unit.

    If you want to add a lot of maps or you just want to add say the USA you will need an extra memory card as Europe and the USA will not both go on the internal memory.

    One recommendation would be to find the Venezuela or Iraq maps and add one of them first as they are very very small and so if you have a problem updating your main map and lose it the second maps presence will avoid the "no maps found" situation.

    If when you go to Add a Map there are no maps offered then come back here and we can ask one of the Mods to sort your account out.

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    all sorted,i connected to live chat and they said navigation what I bought from CEX was banned,I just return it and have a money back.