how can I program my tomtom to take a particular route , against it's own guidance recommendations?

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    Hi @kdstth

    When you have creates a route from A to B then Tap menu and search for somewhere you want to visit on the journey. When you have identified it and selected it you then see the position on the Map with the word Drive . Tap the 3 dots next to Drive and select Add to Current Route.

    Alternatively when you have created the route you can scroll around the Map and find a position and making sure you are selecting the correct side of the road Press on the Map fro a Second or so and a Back Icon will appear with a + in it. If a menu does not appear with it then quickly Tap the Icon. When the Menu appears do the same as a move and Tap the 3 dots next to Drive and Select the Add to Current route.

    You can add a number of such Stop points to a route. and at any time you can Tap Menu , Tap Current Route and Skip the next Stop, Add a Stop to the Route ( you can use this as well for any route) or Reorder the Stops on the route.