Updating a map on Go 730

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Hi there, I got out a TomTom Go 730 device, plugged it into my laptop and updated it. After restart it says the map Europe is not supported or something. I read in another thread that I should delete the map, connect the device again and download the new map. I deleted it, but now I cannot figure out how to get the new map onto the device. Please help. I don't really need the whole of Europe, just the Czech Republic would be fine, although I wouldn't complain if the whole europe map worked. Many thanks for any guidance. Michal


  • DougLap
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    Hi @michalsar

    Some GO730 units have been declared obsolete by Tomtom and so there is no longer any support. @VikramK can have a look to see if your unit is affected and whether it is possible to restore your map. Look back here Monday.