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my traffic information does not work in belgium

i have a professional 6250 device with live traffic. In france, holland and germany it works fine but everytime i enter Belgium i looses connection and i have have no more live traffic. Can anybody help me please ,


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    Hi @stvv

    Have seen this mentioned elsewhere. This may be a solution for you. If your phone has a personal Hotspot facility try logging into it in Wifi in settings on the unit then you will link to the TT servers via wifi. I have got out of a major traffic issue when the TT servers lost the ability to connect to inbuilt Sims for a period a couple of years ago.

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    Hi Doug, I've already tried this but it doesn't work. I have read that this is a known issue. Tomtom employees could solve remotely, but I can't get in touch with any of them.

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,856
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