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How to transfer routes from MYDrive routes to a Rider 2013

4Time4Time Posts: 32 [Renowned Wayfarer]
Hi I am wondering if anyone has any tips. I have worked out how to create a route in the Mydrive web Routplanner on a Windows PC, down load and then transfer to my Rider 2013 via the usb cable - I have tried a a couple and they work fine.

My question is there a method that would enable me to send routes to my Rider 2013 whilst on the road using an ipad and or Android tablet / USB connection or Bluetooth.

I have tried downloading the route from an ipad, but see no way of getting it off the ipad via USB. I tried sending the downloaded file to an Android tablet - but the file is saved a dat file and doesn't appear to be of the correct format for either a GPX or ITN file

I also tried downloading the route on a borrowed android - but it did not seem to give the option of saving as did the ipad version. It could be that the android Tab was just too old ?

I did get success using the My route App on the Android, saving the file and then using an On-The Go cable to load it to the Rider 2013 - this worked fine. But my questions is there a workaround that would allow me to get routes from TomTom Mydrive to the Rider without use of a Windows PC, or is the Myroute App the best option - or perhaps other planners?


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,694 Moderator
    Hi @4Time

    The MyDrive web or app sync requires connectivity to cloud storage.
    The RIDER 2013 unfortunately does not support MyDrive cloud storage, an in-built feature available on the latest range of models.

    Regards, Vikram
  • 4Time4Time Posts: 32 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi @VikramK

    Thank you for your response, I am looking at the Rider 550 which is currently being offered to me with a 30% discount by TomTom. But in the meantime was hoping to hear from other riders who may have persevered with the 2013.

    and also any who may have upgaded from the 2013 to the 550 to get their views on the benefits of this model over the 2013. I did tour Spain in 2018 with a friend who had the 440 Rider and at the time, I still favoured the Rider 2013. However since then he has upgraded yet again and swears by the 550.
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    4Time wrote: »
    I still favoured the Rider 2013
    I also use the Free, slightly quirky, but very good ITN Converter
    ITN Converter has a huge number of Map types The Tomtom Routes Map is included, the ITN Converter also Saves/Exports a huge number of route file types

    ITN Converter will also export straight to.....
    Tomtom Home...
    Tomtoms MyDrive Route planner
    Tomtom itinerary (.ITN)
    Tomtom POI (.Ov2)

    The ITN Converter is quirky because it uses It uses two Windows, one with all the save/export options the other, being the "Editor Window" where you plan your routes
    You use the large green tick to switch between Editor (Planning) and the window with all the save/export options
    Get ITN Converter here...

    There is a Tomtom Map...

    I also think the ITN Converters ViaMichelin and the Nokia OVI Maps also appear to be a good match to Tomtom Maps

  • 4Time4Time Posts: 32 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi at @YamFazMan

    Really useful info thanks, I will explore and play with that. However, I'm not sure it will address the issue of me being able to easily edit / create routes whilst on the road without access to a windows PC. I used to travel with a Dell mini 9 with windows 7 and it was great - sadly times move on and there are no real replacements for those mini netbooks running windows. I know I could buy a windows slate - but not sure that really makes sense if I am only going to use it whilst touring on a bike and using the Rider 2013.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post this detailed info.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,058
    I use a Linx 10/10 Tablet running Windows 10 plus a Case with a Bluetooth keyboard

  • 4Time4Time Posts: 32 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    @YamFazMan Looks good, I had not come across the Linx 1010 before. Did a search and found "Linx 1010B 10.1 Inch Black Tablet Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core, 32GB, 2GB, Windows 10 with Keyboard Bundled" for £149.99 in the sale at - but alas no more in stock. They have to 1020 in stock but this comes with a different processer at £129.94.

    I really need to decide if I upgrade to a Rider 550 and use my ipad or stick with 2013 Rider and use something like the Linx 1010. Thanks for the info.
  • 4Time4Time Posts: 32 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Thanks for the info on ITN Convertor, I didn't realise that you could use it as a planning tool. Once you understand that you have to open an Edit window, it's really very good. It's a great alternative to Tyre (which I have got working again after setting up a google maps key - which is a bit of a pain.). I particularly like that the choice of maps includes both Michelin and TomTom as I like to reference the green scenic roads on the Michelin maps when planning routes .
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