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tomtom go 51 problem no map available

good evening, my tomtom always gives me the screen no map available. if I connect it to the my drive connect software, the program starts a download that never ends .....doing several reset with the power button, I managed to enter the contents of the device and I realized that there are 3 updates in the queue, one of which is the main map from ontre 9 Gb, but the internal memory is only 8 Gb, and also adding a 16 Gb sd card (Kingstone microsd hc formatted in fat32, my drive connect sees it full even if there are only 2 files (.android_secure and navkit_tombstonses that use only 65 KB). how can i stop this loop and set the map loading on the sd card ?? or at least remove the updates from the history? also because I can't even access the navigator menu. Thank you in advance to who answers me,regards

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  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    good morning, thanks @YamFazMan for the quick reply, I look forward to @VikramK
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,594 Moderator
    Hi @ferrarif2007

    Welcome to the community!

    Could you send me the serial number of your device through a private message, please?

    Thanks, Vikram
  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi @VikramK, ok sent, thanks
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,594 Moderator
    Hi @ferrarif2007

    Thanks for sending the serial number...

    There are too many pending jobs stuck in the download queue as you have tried to install all the updates in on go.....

    The advice would be to-

    -- Remove SD card from the device
    -- Connect the device to PC with MyDrive Connect running
    -- The pending downloads will automatically fail at this point.
    -- Once done, insert the SD card and download one update at a time using the My Content tab on the top.

  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    hy Vikram,I can't select the contents when as I connect the download the tomtom screen starts to turn and the pc screen with my drive connect is blocked on the % of the download
  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    sorry, but I had to go to work ... Maybe I didn't explain myself well ... then Mr. Vikram, surely I was wrong to select all the updates, but I did it automatically as I always did, then if the device it has too small a memory to support lifetime updates of the maps (as advertised on the packaging !!!) it certainly is not my fault .... to solve the problem I am trying to scrupulously follow its directives described above, but unfortunately when I connect the tomtom (without sd card) to the pc with mydrive connect running, the download starts immediately without giving me the possibility to be able to select and remove the updates ....
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,594 Moderator
    Hi @ferrarif2007

    Thanks for the updates.. Before you try the steps above try the below-
    1. Disconnect the device from the computer.
    2. Exit MyDrive Connect (if still open)
    3. Delete the HOME3 folder located at
    C:\Users\"Your username"\AppData\Local\TomTom\

  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    good morning Mr. Vikram, thank you for your patience .... I have performed the suggested operations several times, unfortunately as I connect the tomtom to the pc, as I said above, the MyDrive Connect content screen disappears immediately and the HEADING_UPTADING screen appears without having time to perform any operation!
  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    good evening, maybe i'm really denied but i just can't get this nice device back ... i thank those who wasted time with me answering my stupid questions.
    I apologize if my English was not correct, but not knowing the language I made use of the google translator
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232
    You cannot delete File from within a Program, when the Program is already running...
    You MUST quit MyDrive Connect EVERY time you want to delete the Home3 and MyDriveConnect folders...
    As in the previous linked post... If MyDrive Connect auto 'Starts when your Computer starts' (Default)... Then 'Right Click 'on the MyDrive Connect Icon on the PC Taskbar and Click 'Quit' MyDrive Connect....


    You could use 'Task Manager' to Quit MyDrive Connect
    On the keyboard press Alt + Ctrl + Delete
    Select 'Task Manager'

    (1)...Right Click on Tomtom MyDrive Connect --> Select 'End Task'
    (2)... To open the ‘Run Box’ on the PC
    Press the 'Windows button' + 'R' Key
    (3)... The Run Box opens... Type into the ‘run’ box.... %localappdata%/TomTom
    (4)… Press Enter
    (5)... A new window opens
    (6)... Delete both the Home3 and the MyDrive Connect folders; they are the most likely to be corrupted
    (7)… Close all windows
    (8)... Turn on the SatNav and reconnect it to the PC
    (9)... Open/Run ‘My Drive Connect...

    A small Menu Window opens with 3 menu options....
    Option (2) Needs to selected for MyDrive Connect to work correctly....

    The 1st & 3rd options are optional (I always deselect both options and set up a Desktop Short-cut to Start MyDrive Connect, I don't want MDC running all of the time on my PC)

    (10)... Click OK
    (11)... Login to MyDrive Connect as if was a fresh install...
    Hopefully all should now be well

    Note... You may want to create a Desktop Short-cut to the access the Home3 and the MyDrive Connect folders
    If you have installed MyDrive Connect to the default location using Windows 10
    The full short-cut path Is here...
    C:\Users\"Your Computers Name goes here" \AppData\Local\TomTom

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi @YamFazMan, thanks for trying again to explain the more complex procedures with a simply fantastic guide, but I have scrupulously performed them many times and with different PCs, but the problem arises when I connect the tomtom ..... as MyDriveconnect recognizes the device it starts instantly the download and the pc screen freezes on the download screen and it doesn't move anymore ... I don't have the material time to deselect the updates in my contents ... because first the device gives me not connected, then how it recognizes it starts the download ... I also got help from my son ... while he was connecting the tomtom I was ready with the mouse pointer to try to flag the updates to be blocked..I don't know what to do ... honestly the procedures are now simple for me, so i don't think i can just solve the problem....
    I'm safe
  • ferrarif2007ferrarif2007 Posts: 9 [Apprentice Seeker]
    hello, after several attempts, at this point I give up, I thank everyone for the support, I'm sorry to have disturbed, at this point the navigator throws it ... I think it will learn to fly
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