why does tomtom overwrites the gpx file i imported to the sd memory card on rider 450?

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when i import an offroad gpx file to the sd card and i open it the trackis not exactly as it should be. Why?


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    The Tomtom devices including the Rider4xx & 5xx Range will only plan a Route or Track along a Lane, Street, or Road that is displayed on the Tomtom Maps its not a Off Road Route planner
    For example If you plan a route from the middle of a field it will plan a straight line direct route/track to the nearest Road access point....

    See User @RoadRider for his 3rd party software....

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    Thanks for the quick reply. However the manual states that:
    "Importing a track GPX file
    GPX files (GPS exchange format)
    GPX files contain a very detailed recording of a route, including any off-road locations. A GPX file
    might contain, for example, a tourist route or a preferred fixed route. You can find collections of
    .GPX files on the Internet and upload them to My Routes using MyDrive in a web browser. GPX files
    become tracks after import.
    Tracks have a beginning and an end but no stops, and there's a fixed map-dependent route between
    these points. Your device follows this fixed route as closely as possible. You can edit tracks using
    tools such as Tyre Pro.
    Using GPX files
    You use MyDrive on your computer to import .GPX track files to your TomTom device. The tracks are
    saved in the My Routes menu. Your device will navigate along the GPX track exactly and will not
    offer to replan your route, even if a faster route is available."

    this indicates that regardless of tomtom road or lane trackpoints can be followed as set out.
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    This is on page 54 of the manual.