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Go 520 has lost all speed camera alerts and traffic ?

Hi after a update 8 weeks ago my Go 520 has lost its speed cameras. Then if I connected to the internet when driving via my phone they would appear ? I have done a system reboot - now I don’t even get speed cameras & traffic at all !!this is very frustrating. And it appears that this is a common problem - ?


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,712
    Hi @Franktomtom

    I assume that you are using an iPhone as there has been an issue since Apple issued IOS13 etc. As a result the use off the My Drive App does not work.

    Try the following. Unpair the device and phone then restart them. Now turn on Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot on your phone so that both are live. Now go to Bluetooth on the GO520 and pair it with the phone. Do not open the My Drive App.

    I think you will now get Cameras and Traffic.. You need to keep the Bluetooth and Hotspot both on on the phone although the Phone will not have connected the Hotspot if you look in Wifi on the GO520.

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