Mobile speed camera

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Hi all.

I am new to using the AmiGO iPhone app.
I find it very good to use and simple.
It picks up fixed cameras and mobile van speed cameras no problem.
I have a few questions if any one could help me on please.

1 - Do the mobile speed cameras relay on us / the people using the app to report there location for other drivers to be alerted. ?

2 - I have seen a lot of police on social media, stood at the roadside with a hand held speed gun. Does the app pick these up, or is it again down to the user to report at the time of passing.



  • Adrianhodge1967
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    I use the M23 regularly and on the previous app version there was an average speed announcement after each section. Now the average speed appears to be for the whole length not each section. Is this so?
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