phone and sat nav dont connect

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hi. i recently bought tomtom go professional 520 for my lorry driving job. i cant get the sat nav and the phone to connect . everything is updated to the latest version.
the sat nav shows its connected to the phone via bluetooth , the phone shows its connected to the sat nav but when i open the app on the phone its not connected..same thing on the sat nav( in the menu section on the top right corner it shows its not connected)

i dont know what to do. please help

thank you


  • DougLap
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    Hi @serbaniuc

    If it is an Iphone there has been an issue since the brought out IOS13.

    Turn on Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot on your Iphone and connect by pairing the two devices as you would normally do between Bluetooth devices. Do not open the MyDrive App As the IOS13 won’t work with that and you should not try and involve that in the pairing.

    Hopefully it will now work.

  • serbaniuc
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    Thank you for your reply.. Is not an iPhone, its android. More specifically huawei. Maybe it has anything to do with the huawei ban? I will try the method you told me and see if anything changes.