Is it possible to join beta-testing?

Arjen_R Registered Users Posts: 1
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I was wondering if it is possible to join beta testing of the TomTom GO ios-app?


  • Jürgen
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    Thank you for your interest in beta-testing our app. However, the intake for this beta test has been stopped a couple of months ago.
  • Buck1127
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    is beta testing still not available?
  • zottel
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    Not sure where else to put the request, so I’ll just post publicly here: I’ve been a member of the beta testing group for TomTom navigation on Android, but now I’ve switched to iPhone. I’ve seen here that you normally don’t accept anybody anymore, but maybe there is a way for people who were in the beta program before?

    If yes, please contact me, maybe you need my Google account and/or Apple ID?

    If not, well, bad luck, I’ll just use the release version then. But I thought I’d at least ask.

    Thanks, zottel
  • Firehorse
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    A while ago a request was made to return test units back to Tomtom, as yet I’ve not had the time to do so, but will do so soon, a reply had been sent but I’ve been unable to access this, navigating through the
    board has not been as smooth as should be, my current issue is that the pro 620 unit I do have has blue tooth issues, doesn’t communicate via app, and doesn’t have the ability as the Expert test unit to connect via data, was waiting to be locked out from the app which has now happened, assume the unit would be unviable as well, bringing back the question of the 620 Pro unit I do have, is this now
    just a paperweight, was communicating with Guas, excuse spelling, would like further feedback, thank you
  • Firehorse
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    Would like to add, returning the unit has me travel 30+ minutes to UPS and through our current COVID restrictions has
    been problematic, and work.hours have been an issue in returning product.