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Some routes not editable in MyDrive since Saturday 20th June 2020


We have encountered this problem in MyDrive website since Saturday. Some of my routes (and some of some friends) are bugged. When trying to edit one of them, the panel appears as loading and stays there forever. You can see the route, but you cant modify anything on it (or download it in gpx, or send it to your device).

When accessing the route from the share link (which was shared before this bug happened), nothing can be done either, the panel doesnt appear: Link




  • bichpmbichpm Posts: 6 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Same issue for me. I have a couple of routes stuck in MyDrive, I cannot edit or share them.

  • DanielForniesSoriaDanielForniesSoria Posts: 72
    Hi guys,

    Just to get some context. Do those routes contain images in them?
    Best Regards,

  • DanielForniesSoriaDanielForniesSoria Posts: 72

    I see in the case of the shared link that the image reference was gone. I have cleaned that up. Now you can operate with the route again, but unfortunately the cover image is gone.
    We are looking into the issue meanwhile.
    If you have more links we need to cleanup let us know for now.

    Apologies for the inconvenience,
  • Khali_FCKhali_FC Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Yes I always put an image to recognize them easily.

    Thanks for looking into it, I will check if there is any other route with this problem.
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